A natural way to make better antibodies

Last week, I was scrolling through social media, and this ad came out talking about some “miracle” smoothie. This juice promised to give my immune system some superpower, allowing me to have better antibodies to fight any cold or viral infection that hit my way. Well, I have to say that, sadly, there is no […]

“I have a message for you”: an introduction on mRNA vaccines

I’m almost 100% sure that you have received a message today. Maybe an email, an SMS or a text on any of your social media accounts. We are all being bombarded with messages every single day, telling us to do this, and that. The funny thing is… it is not that different inside of our […]

The first immune steps following viral exposure

Let’s say you were walking on the street and as your colleague crossed you she said “Good Morning!”… Sorry to break the news, but it might not be such a good morning for you. That is because, unfortunately, your colleague was infected. Yes, she was carrying a virus and as she talked, little droplets left […]

Inside a scientist’s mind: how to study the effects of viral infections

For the past few months, we all increased our appreciation for the work done by scientists. But, a few of us might be thinking… “Come on, why is it taking so long to generate this vaccine?” I have to break the news and tell you that there are so many, SO MANY, aspects that have […]

Antibodies: a molecular tag of the immune system

More than ever, we are hearing about how important our immune system is to help us stay healthy. More specifically, a lot of attention has been given to a molecule called antibodies. Scientists are currently running against the clock to harbour the power of antibodies (amongst other immune tools) to design a good vaccine. But […]